Behind the Scenes: Local Artists

We recently moved our office in downtown Long Beach to a new, creative, open space and as a part of the move we asked local artists to create custom murals to be displayed on the interior walls of our space. In response to the call for artists, we selected four finalists: Lynn Azali, Alex Diffin, Erick Guadarrama and Eric “KING CRE8” Walker.

"This process allowed us to feature talented local artists whose work celebrates the urban life of downtown Long Beach, " said Senior Principal, Michael Bohn.

The Call For Artists encouraged participants to be dynamic, imaginative and to test the limits of their creativity while incorporating the theme of “Celebrating Urban Life.” Studio One Eleven emphasized a call for varied, creative artwork to help craft a unique office environment. The artists were encouraged to utilize their artistic freedom, curating a mix of art types to encompass the street-mural scene. Ranging from figurative to abstract styles with a variety of applications and techniques, the murals include the following:

  • Lynn Azali – will create one piece, “Wild Parrots of Long Beach,” a 42-foot-by-16-foot mural with a vinyl application. “Wild Parrots of Long Beach” celebrates the non-native birds that have acclimated to the Belmont Heights, Belmont Shore and Alamitos Beach areas.
  • Alex Diffin – will create one piece, “Blink,” a 23-foot-by-17-foot mural, both spray paint and acrylic paint. “Blink” transcends traditional beauty of profile art through street-mural.
  • Erick Guadarrama – will create one piece in a three-section wrap, “barriabasquait111,” as 13-foot-by-21-foot mural with spray paint and acrylic paint. “barriabasquait111” is a salute to renowned artist Jean-Michel Basquiat featuring graffiti-style street art.
  • Eric “KING CRE8” Walker – will create one piece, “Smooth Sweet Love” a 14-foot-by-27-foot mural with spray paint and acrylic paint on wood. “Smooth Sweet Love” is part of the artist’s signature “Love” murals series.

“Each artist had a distinct ability to capture the unique aspects of urban life while intersecting community and culture,” said Senior Principal, Alan Pullman

The goal for the Call for Artists was to select local Long Beach artists that could reflect the street style and urban substance of the city while also reflecting their own experiences in the urban landscape of downtown Long Beach.

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