Straight Talk with Founding Principal Alan Pullman

Founding Principal, Alan Pullman was recently featured on a local Long Beach TV series, Straight Talk with Art Levine.

The show provides a platform for in depth discussions with government and business leaders, elected officials, university presidents, faculty experts, leaders in the arts, entertainers, doctors and health care administrators, and representatives of non- profit organizations and community groups. Guests and topics are chosen to embrace current newsworthy issues, to showcase individuals of accomplishment and who have significant insights on current topics, and to focus on the importance of ethics and values.

Alan was invited to join the show to talk about Studio One Eleven's mission and to share some of the firms most recent projects, including the repositioning of Studio One Eleven's new office in Downtown Long Beach and the former City Place Shoping Center.

In case you missed it you can check out the full interview: here.

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