Location: Garden Grove/ Bellflower, CA
Client: SteelCraft
Type: Beer garden
The SteelCraft concept, which opened in Long Beach in late 2016, solely leverages shipping containers for gathering, drinking, and eating.

SteelCraft Bellflower, CA

SteelCraft Bellflower will be located on a 15,000 SF site to accommodate a beer hall under a barn structure. The project design evokes the city’s strong dairy roots and includes a large performance stage and vertical surface to project movies on. Located in the heart of the city’s downtown, this SteelCraft location will become a key anchor that will promote future private investment in the area. The food venue will expand to include wine and various dessert offerings.

SteelCraft, Garden Grove, CA

SteelCraft Garden Grove will be downtown on a 20,000 SF site and will include a second level of containers to accommodate companies looking for creative office space. A working organic farm will be included for growing the best varieties of crops, suited for this climate of coastal desert, harvested by chefs operating the restaurants. The farm lot will also be leased out for special events, such as birthdays and weddings. Another area adjacent to the farm will accommodate rotating food trucks and temporary kitchens for visiting chefs.

For additional entertainment, one container will accommodate numerous pin ball machines and a bike kitchen will be available to riders using the new bike path nearby. The bike kitchen will allow cyclists to store bikes securely and will have tools available for tune-ups, including an air compressor. A pre-fabricated structure will provide shade and relate to the City’s agrarian past. As the SteelCraft brand expands to other locations, the need to balance a consistent identity via the use of containers while responding to the local community is being carefully crafted.