Studio One Eleven

Bringing Awareness To Homelessness Through Art

Studio One Eleven had the honor and privilege of hosting an art exhibition featuring the work of LA artist, Skid Robot. We partnered with The Living Art Project to bring awareness to the homeless crisis.

Skid Robot uses art to highlight the issues we face with the lack of affordable housing as well as to remind us all of the humanity of the homeless community.

The Living Art Project by Skid Robot is a revolutionary, artistic, grassroots movement that seeks to solve the social issue of homelessness through the power of art, design, technology, science, and most importantly the human spirit.

Photography by Carlos R. Hernandez

In the heart of downtown Los Angeles lays a severe humanitarian crisis apathetically known as "Skid Row". Skid Row is a 54-block area home to the nation's largest concentration of homeless people. Every day, thousands of people sleep on the sidewalk in conditions that are negative in every sense. A "state of emergency" on homelessness was declared by the elected officials of Los Angeles. Since then not much has happened and the numbers of Los Angelinos with no shelter are rising exponentially.

This is a disturbing reality that society collectively must take action against to change...

Unfortunately, about 1800 people living in Long Beach don’t have a place to call home. City leadership is addressing homelessness using a systematic approach to reach out to people living alone or in families. The City and other community-based organizations work together with our homeless neighbors in order to create a community that is livable for all.

Our mission is to solve the homeless crisis starting with ourselves. We need people to solve this, not things.

Photographs provided by Skid Robot

Thank you to our sponsors ARC Document Solutions, SCANPH , and Tux and Chucks.