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Groundwork Fitness Opens the First Training Parklet in the Nation

The first activated training parklet in the United States has recently opened in Downtown Long Beach. Giovanna "Gio" Ferraro is the owner of Groundwork Fitness, a local fitness studio that focuses on high-intensity workouts. For years, she met with the city of Long Beach to bring this idea from concept to reality, and it has finally come to life.

The idea behind this parklet is to bring a version of Venice Beach's "Muscle Beach" to the downtown area. Parklets have typically been used as an extension of dining space from restaurants. Ferraro wants to use the parklet to engage directly with the community by eventually offering some free programming in the space.

"It's not just a public space with a piece of sitting equipment, it's a space shared privately but also with the community to engage locals to be part of the contagious energy spilling out our front doors of the gym. It took a small business owner to create this idea and three years of persistence with the city to get this project completed... It's the best way to promote my business, out in the open!" - Gio Ferraro