Studio One Eleven

Paramount Blvd Ribbon Cutting

Today the City of Paramount hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Rededication of Downtown Paramount. Studio One Eleven revitalized the boulevard between Jackson and Madison to create a pedestrian haven.

Left to right: Councilmember, Diane J. Martinez, Mayor Daryl Hofmeyer, Vice Mayor Peggy Lemons, Councilmember Tom Hansen, Councilmember Gene Daniels

The 1/2 mile, $3.6 million streetscape renovation helps the City of Paramount re-envision the character of their downtown, improving walkability and reinvigorating the public realm. Reducing traffic lanes to accommodate widened sidewalks, the team utilized a "kit of parts" bringing a positive impact to the pedestrian experience. Streetscape improvements included a parklet, dining paseo, bulb-outs, street furniture and other landscape and urban design elements.

To support the revitalized boulevard the design team also evaluated opportunities for adjacent property improvements.

Paramount Boulevard showcases our firm’s dedication to improving urban environments and enhancing the pedestrian experience through sustainable practices.

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