Studio One Eleven

Pop-Up Urbanism

Last November, Studio One Eleven proposed a bulb-out at the northwest corner of Third Street and Long Beach Boulevard complimented by a pedestrian island of refugee at the southwest corner adjacent to the cycle track. These elements will enhance pedestrian connectivity to the retail developing on both sides of Third Street, help calm traffic speeds, improve vehicular flow, and provide outdoor dining opportunities for future tenants.

The proposed design raised numerous questions and concerns from public agencies with particular concern from Long Beach Transit that their buses would be unable to make the southbound turn from Long Beach Boulevard onto Third Street. Due to construction adjacent to the intersection, a contractor coned off the curbside parking and one of the two lanes on Third Street. Studio One Eleven architects documented via film and photography that buses were easily able to make the turn. After reviewing the documentation, both Public Works and Long Beach Transit agreed to mock up the proposed design and test the conditions with a bus with all stakeholders including Studio One Eleven present.

Studio One Eleven coned both the bulb-out and area of refugee and Long Beach Transit tested it several times with their bus. Everyone agreed the proposed design appeared feasible. Last month, Public Works informed Studio One Eleven that Long Beach Transit had approved our design for both the bulb-out and area of refugee. Sometimes you just have to create a concept "pop up" and field test the possibilities!

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