Studio One Eleven

Providing Homes for the Homeless

To address the homeless crisis in Los Angeles, Studio One Eleven and local artist Skid Robot teamed up with Professor Kings from Orange Coast College’s (OCC) Architectural Technology Department to design and deliver ad hoc micro homes to two homeless residents in the city.

Each micro home cost approximately $1,000 and was fabricated using OCC’s FrameCad system, a rapid, accurate, design-build system used for fast construction. The structural home was assembled using sustainable materials then fastened onto a high capacity off-the-shelf gardening cart to ease transportation.

The two recipients of the micro homes were Rusty and Diana, both longtime homeless residents in the area. Before meeting Skid Robot several years ago, 80 year old Rusty lived in debris under an LA bridge. During this time, Skid Robot became more aware of Rusty’s story and built him a tiny log cabin to store his belongings. Sadly the log cabin has burned down, but to aid Rusty in his displacement, Skid Robot chose him as the first recipient of the micro home.

Under the First Street Bridge, east of downtown Los Angeles, Skid Robot met Diana, a woman living in a car amongst a small concentration of other homeless residents. Though the micro home isn’t much, the small gesture was a tremendous blessing for the slight comfort that it will provide. Both Rusty and Diana will be sleeping comfortably through the winter.