Studio One Eleven

Restore Neighborhoods LA

With Southern California considered one of the most expensive housing markets in the nation, Studio One Eleven and developer Restore Neighborhoods LA Inc approached the RFQ in a different manner from conventional affordable family housing. Inspired by and responding to Pritzker prize winning architect Alejandro Aravena’s call to action using the “half house” design strategy, we proposed bringing this model of housing to the US. Through a process of localization, both for code, local building practices, and buyer expectations, we have adapted the concept to address the affordable housing crisis within this challenging urban area.

The goal is to create the most affordable entry level home for purchase, in this case a one bedroom "half house". As the home owner's salary increases or equity grows over time, the ability to add on in an inexpensive way is feasible because the roof, load bearing walls and most mechanical systems are already in place. The original one bedroom can be easily expanded into a two or three bedroom unit as a family or home based business grows or the need to accommodate a roommate is required. At the same time, encouraging buyers to stay as long term stakeholders increases stability in this largely transitional neighborhood.

Two bulb outs on opposite corners create an opportunity for vibrant commercial to anchor the development and calm traffic

The expandable portion of each unit is located on the upper level of each residence and can be accommodated in a cost effective manner

Future expansion space can be adapted over time to several scenarios including combining adjacent units

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