Studio One Eleven

Studio One Eleven Celebrates Two Years of WELL Certification

By Sustainability Director, Sara Hickman

It’s been a busy two years since we achieved our WELL Gold Certification in 2017. The standard has proven to be a useful tool to support healthy outcomes both across our company and project portfolio. Since our relocation, we’ve tested multiple air quality monitors which have helps us to prove the quality our space, especially during poor air quality days due to fires. The Wellness room has been a huge hit, mostly for all of our new mothers in the office. I can’t even imagine an office without one now.

On the fitness side, we’ve walked, biked, scootered and skateboarded over 16,000 miles to and from work, expanded our fitness program from yoga, meditation and CrossFit to include softball, volleyball, basketball and even dragon boat racing! Staff also receive fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis (who knew broccoli was so popular?). Even our interiors department has gone (almost) all vegan!

One of the driving forces to relocate was to connect with the community, which has been a huge success. In our second year at the Streets, we offered up our 50+ person conference room at no cost to over 60 organizations and 2,000 members of the public, most of which are non-profits.

We are big fans of WELL v 2.0. It’s more flexible, transparent and cost effective, making it far more accessible to both smaller and large-scale clients which we found to be squeezed out financially in version 1. We’re also excited to begin rolling out WELL Community and WELL Portfolio, two new options to expand the mission of health and wellness.

Moving forward, WELL continues to make headway in the market with mixed-use and office sectors leading the way. As of today, 218 WELL projects have been certified with 3,570+ in the queue. Whether or not a project pursues the WELL Building Standard, we believe it is our responsibility to design equitable, healthy and sustainable cities.

For questions about WELL certification, please reach out to our Sustainability Director, Sara Hickman.