Studio One Eleven

Taking Action: Designing Bridge Housing with ULI and Mayor Garcetti

The Urban Land Institute (ULI), in partnership with Mayor Eric Garcetti, tasked three teams of architecture and landscape architecture firms to design concepts of "bridge housing" that can be used to temporarily house homeless residents in an effort to lead them towards more permanent housing. Studio One Eleven was one of the three architecture firms asked to participate in this project, partnered with landscape architecture firm SWA.

The main goal of these designs were to create sites that could be placed on any lot in the city while still having them look aesthetically pleasing. These temporary homes are meant to draw in homeless people where they usually avoid homeless shelters, and they are also an attempt to decrease the inevitable community opposition to these spaces. With the number of those living in the streets rising 75% in the last six years, it is vital that the city begin mapping out, testing, and executing solutions to decrease the number of people on the streets.

Studio One Eleven and SWA's designs include more than just space for housing--there are community gardens for the residents to maintain and consume, housing specifically for families, and a public space that allows for events, food trucks, and a dog park. The belief is that although people may be homeless and not have many material posessions, they are still entitled to a roof over their head and some dignity while they rebuild their lives. These housing shelters are meant to provide a temporary, but stable place for residents to get back on their feet as they re-engage with the community.

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