Studio One Eleven

We believe all Black lives matter.

We support the right to protest peacefully, leading to an informed and just world.

We will do better, starting by listening and learning. We will take action to create a deliberately anti-racist and informed culture that protects the rights of all and sincerely welcomes people no matter the color of their skin.  

As architects, designers and urban planners, we have a calling to reimagine our communities as equitable, inclusive, and just. We stand together with the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA), endorsing the organization’s declaration to be: 


  • Banish racism
  • Reach out to those who are grieving
  • Advocate for the disinherited
  • Vote in every American election
  • Engage each human that you meet as YOU would want to be engaged

The protests in the wake of the brutal murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, among too many others, and the disproportionate death toll of the Covid-19 pandemic have moved us to examine our responsibility for racial justice intensely.

Our headquarters office in Downtown Long Beach is located on the street where many of the protests are continuing to take place. We are learning just how much our society is suffering and we join in solidarity. We pledge to learn more, to examine our own beliefs and actions, and to hold each other accountable to a higher standard as we work toward real equity.