Studio One Eleven

Broadway Medians

Location: Long Beach, CA
Type: Landscape
Beautifying a Neighborhood and Calming Traffic to Create a Safer Pedestrian Environment

Over 200 volunteers helped Studio One Eleven complete a six-year grassroots effort to calm traffic and promote pedestrian activity across Broadway Avenue.

This involved transferring one-third of an acre of asphalt into permeable landscape over (almost) one-quarter mile, narrowing disproportionately wide traffic lanes and eliminating several left turn pockets.

New landscaped medians were installed to slow traffic, provide a place of refuge for pedestrians, and ease the division between the neighborhood and the popular nearby retail on 2nd Street. Landscaping included 27 new trees and 6,600 plants such as Agave attenuata, Aloe striata, Anigozanthos flavidus, Limonium perezii, Phormium tenax and Senecio mandraliscae.

Livingston Drive streetscape improvements included removing a 2,230 sf under-utilized turn lane at the corner of Livingstone Drive and Broadway Avenue to create a passive park. The new plan was coordinated to occur simultaneously with the Broadway Median streetscape improvement project and is adjacent to Lowell Elementary School. The added sidewalk, curb extensions and shortened street crossings contribute to a safer pedestrian environment for children and parents walking to and from school.