Studio One Eleven

Downey Avenue Median Renovation

Location: Paramount, CA
Client: City of Paramount

With a total of 10 urban garden renovations, the landscape design incorporates existing mature trees with 2,300 native and drought-friendly plants. The drought tolerant and low maintenance species provide year-round interest through bold colors, textures and scale. Plants include Agave attenuate, Agave angustifolia ‘marginata,’ Agave parryi ‘truncata,’ Aloe vera, Aloe striata, Leymus condensatus, Muhlenbergia capillaris, Phormium species and Stipa tenuissima. Additionally, 4,000 SF of groundcover and 27 new trees were installed.

By focusing on sustainability during a seven-year drought, Studio One Eleven has provided a solution to reduce water usage and energy use. The new landscape design requires ¼ the amount of water that was originally needed to maintain the turf grass. The Downey Avenue Median Pilot Program was thoroughly envisioned to allow for replicability of its model throughout the city and other Southern California locations.