Studio One Eleven

Downtown Huntington Beach Urban Design Study

Location: Huntington Beach, CA
Client: City of Huntington Beach
Type: Urban Design
Building on the success of a temporary street closure on Main Street, Studio One Eleven is working with the City of Huntington Beach's Community Development Department to explore design solutions to pedestrianize Main Street and provide more public space for visitors, locals, and families in downtown.

The project includes activation and programming strategies to enhance public activity at Main street as well as a framework to improve and unify the streetscape of the area. Building on the success of the COVID-19 pilot to create a public promenade that compliments the Pier Plaza, and serves as an outdoor community living room with dining, art, shade, and lighting.

Existing section of Main Street (Pre-pandemic)

Studio One Eleven worked with the city to come up with a proposal that reflects their priorities and a future vision for Main Street that celebrates the vibrant qualities of Huntington Beach.

Priority Criteria (Ranked by the City)

The One-Way Flex Street proposal creates added space for placemaking and the public realm while continuing to maintain some vehicular circulation through the street.

One-Way Flex Street Plan

It provides an opportunity to enhance the character and cohesiveness of the public realm design. The street can be closed down entirely on event days but reduced the amount of public space to be managed on an everyday basis, providing greater flexibility.

One-Way Flex Street Section

The proposal is scalable and offers the possibility of being implemented in stages, so that the street can be adapted over time and as the budget allows until its completion, generating a cohesive urban landscape focused on the public realm.

One-Way Flex Street Possibilities

"I think that this unparalleled time brings an opportunity for a bold vision. It's a time to move forward, a time for reinvention, and a time for reinvestment in the downtown community" Councilwoman Natalie Moser

"The locals rediscovered downtown during the pandemic, and the new energy there has made downtown safer and more vibrant. The scheme provides a welcome mat for everyone." Mayor Kim Carr