Studio One Eleven

Fierman Walkway

Location: San Pedro, CA
Client: Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative (LANI)
Type: Urban Design, Landscape
The goal of the walkway transformation was to create a well-lit, pedestrian-friendly space flexible enough for community gathering and events, and to promote walkable neighborhoods and connect people to the downtown area.

The Lilyan Fierman walkway was a dark, underused alley adjacent to the historic Warner Grand Theater connecting Fifth Street Parking Lot with the Sixth Street shopping district in downtown San Pedro.

Fierman Walkway before the transformation

After a three year design process, the project was approved, permitted, and constructed. Fierman Walkway is the first project in the City of Los Angeles to receive approval of a non-standard paving surface for a designated street.

Studio One Eleven worked with the Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative, Los Angeles Council District 15 and local residents to re-vitalize the space.