Studio One Eleven

Glendale Arts & Entertainment District Visioning

Location: Glendale, CA
Client: City of Glendale
Type: Urban Design, Landscape
Studio One Eleven is providing placemaking, landscape and urban design services for Glendale’s downtown Arts and Entertainment District.

The project includes reclaiming valuable yet underutilized space in the downtown to create a dynamic, vibrant, people-place that supports the City’s desire for a world-class district.

Community Outreach Event

Our design approach utilizes people-first streetscape improvements and a whimsical, artistic overlay to create a destination on Artsakh Avenue that links to other activities in the area, encouraging visitors to stroll, explore and discover the unique offerings of the downtown Arts and Entertainment District. The design and programming also celebrate local art and existing museums, and the revitalization of the ground floor of the street through strategies for activating the street edge and facades of two existing public garages.

We are also working with City Council to identify and preserve characteristic elements of the street that currently contribute to a sense of place on Artsakh Avenue. These will be enhanced through targeted additions to transform Artsakh from a pedestrian and vehicular thoroughfare into a place that invites people to stay. The project is currently in conceptual design.

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