Studio One Eleven

MOLAA Demonstration Garden

Location: Long Beach, CA
Type: Landscape
Client: MOLAA (Museum of Latin American Art)
An Educational Botanical Garden that Displays the Diverse Flora of Latin America

Inspired by the works of Latin American artists such as Julio le Parc, the garden transforms a weed filled vacant lot into a whimsical, colorful, and diverse garden which reflects much of the Latin American culture.

Whimsical forms create a sense of discovery and surprise as visitors of the Museum journey through the garden learning about the rare Latin American Plants on display.

In order for the garden to showcase its bloom and growing foliage throughout the seasons, plants from two distinct climates were paired together – Mediterranean Climate Plants | summer dry (plants from Baja and Chile) and Sub-tropical Plants | winter dry (plants from sub-tropical Mexico and South America). This concept is called the Dual Climate Concept. When one species is dormant, another is thriving, and then vice versa in the next season.

Plants from Baja, Chile, Mexico, Central and South America including Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, El Salvador, and Ecuador are all found in this dynamic garden and paired accordingly to create a botanical array of planting.

We partnered with Jonathan Froines, garden designer and horticulturist, to find and cultivate a variety of rare plants not commonly found at nurseries.