Studio One Eleven

Paramount Boulevard

Location: Paramount, CA
Type: Landscape
Size: 1/2 mile
Creating a More Livable Street in the Heart of Paramount

This $3.6 million streetscape renovation aims to help the City of Paramount re-envision the character of their downtown and improve the safety of pedestrians by reinvigorating the 1/2 mile streetscape of Paramount Boulevard, between Jackson Street and Madison Street.

The project required a full analysis of the uses, arrangements, engineering, and mobility of cars and pedestrians throughout the area, as well as an understanding of what improvements should be encouraged on neighboring properties to support the plan.

As part of the process, the district was evaluated for opportunities and constraints on both public and private property, and a 'kit of parts' was employed in order to bring a positive impact to the streetscape experience. The 'parts' consisted of: a signalized intersection, mid-block pedestrian crossings, a public parklet, custom bus stop trellises, traffic calming medians, public dining paseo, parkway planting and new sidewalks, bulb-outs at intersections, on street parking, graphic crosswalks, pedestrian lighting, bike racks and street furniture.

An inviting pedestrian environment was created by reducing traffic lanes to accommodate widened sidewalks with curb adjacent landscaping and enhanced lighting.