Studio One Eleven

Parasol Park

Location: Irvine, CA
Client: FivePoint Communities
Type: Community Center, Park
Size: 2.5 acres
Creating a better community for the city of Irvine

Composed of 10 new residential neighborhoods surrounding a regional sports park facility, the project is emerging on 1300 acres of the former El Toro Marine Air Base in Irvine. Each neighborhood within the development has a unique character and is anchored by a central park space, with a network of trails and open spaces creating community linkages.

Studio One Eleven designed the 'Living Room' community building and green house structure within the 2.5 acre Parasol Park of Great Park Neighborhoods in Irvine.

Poured in place concrete, corten steel, oiled teak wood, and dark bronze accents create a warm indoor space complete with a fireplace, opening onto a large community plaza. The design for the park was born out of a focus on things found within your own backyard – the team wanted 'Living Room' to coexist within its setting, to feel as if it was part of the exisiting park.

Nestled beneath an existing 75 foot tall stone pine tree, Studio One Eleven worked to place the building as close to the tree as possible; carving the large plaza out of the ground and blending the roofline into the landscape with corten steel and a living rooftop.