Studio One Eleven

Redstone Plaza

Location: Orange County, CA
Type: Landscape
Client: LPC West, Inc.
Renovation of an Existing Office Park into a Multi-Tenant, Flexible Work Environment

Redstone Plaza's design consists of a varied and dynamic set of communal spaces situated throughout the site, including an entry plaza, enclosed courtyard, outdoor dining area, and private roof terraces.

The project addresses current trends in office design, featuring trellised outdoor working and meeting spaces complete with power and video capabilities, new site furnishings and wi-fi throughout the site for casual meetings and informal work, and recreational opportunities that will allow employees to relax and take a break from their daily stress.

The central court has been modernized with an artfully refurbished fountain and new planters, with sweeping elliptical lines that counter the rigid geometry of the courtyard. Scale and softness has been created with the addition of a lush plants and a signature Pepper Tree.  The redesigned entry plaza introduces a central turf area, abundant seating, new planting, and a palm tree grove, into what had previously been an unremarkable space dominated by concrete paving. 

Roof terraces directly connect to interior office spaces, and shade structures and planters define casual gathering and work areas. As a remodel, a thoughtful, strategic approach was taken to combining new and existing materials in order to maintain design continuity throughout the campus and minimize construction costs.