Studio One Eleven

Creating more livable, sustainable & engaging cities.


At Studio One Eleven we are passionate about using design to create better outcomes for the communities we serve. We believe that architects and planners play a crucial role in the making of cities and that we have a responsibility to craft our built environment in ways that support our current and future collective well-being.

We find ways to make cities more environmentally responsible, resilient, prosperous and joyful while addressing livability and equity for all residents. That is why our work strives to go beyond a project brief and seeks to improve the social, environmental and economic realms it affects. We are committed to meeting our clients’ goals while working to define success in a broader framework, addressing what this means not just for our clients, but also the community and its stakeholders.

Services and Expertise

The core of our practice is the repair of existing cities and revitalization of communities. No singular typology guides our work. Instead, we focus on urban interventions which improve livability—adapting a compact city agenda to each project’s context. From community planning to streetscape improvements, mixed-use infill developments to small and impactful urban interventions, we work at a variety of scales to provide a variety of services. No matter the size, we view every project as an opportunity to enhance the urban condition that sustains it.


  • Architecture
  • Urban Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Community Outreach


  • Mixed-Use Development
  • Affordable and Market Rate Housing
  • Adaptive Re-use
  • Transit Oriented Development
  • Urban Retail
  • Public Realm Interventions
  • Design-Build
  • Community Oriented Economic Development
  • Revitalization Funding

Methodology and Approach

Our methodology is rooted in the integration of architecture, landscape and urban design. By combining these practices, every project begins with a multidisciplinary approach that assures we select projects that best fit a community’s needs. We bolster our process through extensive research, analysis and writing and leverage community input throughout the design process to ensure a deeper contextual understanding—enabling us to facilitate partnerships that leverage unique opportunities with key community stakeholders. Through engaging with community partners or proposing interventions and sourcing funding, we proactively initiate projects—a hallmark of our approach. We also recognize that shaping the urban context is complex, multi-disciplinary work and team with the most progressive experts to balance the economic, environmental and social needs of city repair and revitalization. Finally, our approach includes systematically measuring and monitoring the effect of our projects once they are complete, leading to better understanding of project outcomes and how this serves the needs of our clients and community.


Studio One Eleven invests in the communities in which we live, work and play. Our Long Beach office location is in a former downtown shopping center where we initiated and planned an ongoing transformation from obsolete single-use destination to a mixed-use district of production and culture.


At Studio One Eleven, we are passionate about what we do and how we work together. As an integrated practice, our diverse teams—led by experienced and skilled leadership in the office—utilize their varied expertise to facilitate conscious designs and valuable projects. It’s important to us that our employees are active and engaged leaders, successful in the workplace as well as within our communities. By encouraging and supporting each in this capacity, we’ve formed a talented and spirited team.