April 19, 2022
Studio One Eleven along with partner design firm RDC Interiors, has announced the opening of the new global headquarters of Laserfiche, in Long Beach, California. 

Laserfiche, the leading SaaS provider of intelligent content management and business process automation, commissioned Studio One Eleven and RDC to reflect the company’s vision of reimagining how technology can transform lives.

The new building demonstrates how new-construction creative offices can thrive through sustainable design and interiors, even in the post-pandemic era. And moreover, serves as a model for the future of hybrid work, a place where people can share spaces in the ways most productive for them, a hybrid workspace for a hybrid work force.

In an urban-design context, the new office is a gateway into the burgeoning Bixby Knolls neighborhood. On Long Beach Boulevard adjacent to the San Diego Freeway, the building solidifies a growing campus environment for the organization and creates a local landmark.

“This new facility builds on Laserfiche’s commitment to creating a positive work environment,” said Michael Bohn AIA, senior principal for Studio One Eleven. “Visible to approximately 900,000 daily motorists on the San Diego Freeway, the headquarters serves as a technology beacon for the City of Long Beach as well. The design team worked closely with Laserfiche to create a place that is healthy, energy-efficient and fosters innovation and collaboration.”

“The thinking behind the interiors anticipated an evolving work environment in keeping with the firm’s values. The space addresses the many ways that team members work today, with areas designated for team collaboration or solitude and places that are optimized to simplify communication between team members who are in office with those who are working remotely.”

Katy Wise, AIA, Interior Project Architect and Associate with RDC.

RDC is architect of record for the interior of the new headquarters. Its design features versatile, open workspaces that facilitate collaboration between team members and foster connections between the company and its community of users. Each floor features both large and small conference spaces as well as other dynamic work areas suited to a modern style of working on the go.

Studio One Eleven and RDC won the competition to design Laserfiche’s headquarters in part through its sustainable design. It is compatible with U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Gold and WELL Platinum certifications.

A Comeback for Creative Office

“If there is anything that will bring people back to the office is this beautiful modern workplace,” said Los Angeles City Councilmember Janice Hahn at the building’s recent ribbon-cutting. “During the pandemic we had the opportunity to reimagine the way that work gets done and to rethink our business as digital first,” Laserfiche Chairman and CEO Chris Wacker said. “Our workspaces are modular and flexible, readily adapted to fit the occupants’ needs. We have abandoned the traditional vertical office building paradigm, emblematic of individual aspiration, for a horizontal environment where connections are fostered and relationships built, and we’ve implemented ideas from our products into the design of the building, as we know that process automation makes life easier.”

After the government mandated lockdowns, the company discovered many organizational advantages of remote work, said Wacker. “We learned that talented people can work unsupervised, that productively is measured by what we make, not by the hands of a clock, and that independent work offers a nice work-life balance. We also uncovered the shortcomings of not being in physical space together when we wanted to work with our teams. Many of us missed casual conversations over coffee or lunch. In returning to the office, we have had the time to conceptualize the spaces that will encourage more of those collaborative meetings and foster those chance encounters that are the building blocks of our company culture.”