June 14, 2023
Studio One Eleven to host Los Angeles Design Festival 2023 in the Downtown Long Beach Design District. This year’s theme ‘Design for the People’ will showcase diversity in creative industries. 

The Los Angeles Design Festival returns this year with the theme “Design for the People” and will include events in Downtown Long Beach’s Design District. Taking place on June 22-25, the Los Angeles Design Festival brings creatives together for collaborative engagement and conversation. The Downtown Long Beach Design District will be one of three main locations this year with free events open to the public happening on June 23-24. Events include a block party, a live podcast, studio tours, pop-ups, talks, and installations. Participants include: Studio One Eleven, RDC, Long Beach Museum of Art Downtown, Intertrend, LB Living, DLBA, City Fabrick, Billie Jean King Library, The Peoples Architecture Office, People’s Pottery Project, Long Beach Community Design Center, Long Beach Heritage, OffTop Design, Gensler, Poster Territory, Christina Webb, and Mario Ybarra Jr.

Full schedule of events listed on the LA Design Festival Website.