Studio One Eleven Design Director, Scott Parker contributes to the evolving discourse on the future of the workplace at the West Edge Design Fair. 

Hybrid work. Distributed Work. Flex work. Remote work. Work work.  There is sometimes confusion and oftentimes palpable tension between employees striving for a greater work/life blend and their employers who want to see employees “in” the office.  Designers are defining and showing companies how to make the workplace more optimal, hospitable, and flexible, but will employers listen and adapt? Will the workplace rebound, and will employees return to the office? Historical data might indicate “yes”, but we are indeed in the midst of an office evolution.  Hear from industry experts about the now and next of workplace design, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

Panelists include:

Scott Parker, Studio One Eleven
Natalie LaHaie, EYRC
Bill Bouchey, Gensler
Bjorn Schrader, Abramson Architects

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