Congrats to our team for winning 3 AIA Orange County awards!

On September 28th our team took home three awards from AIA Orange County.

200 West Ocean won an AIA OC Citation Award. This project was previously a mothballed office tower, that was converted into a 106-unit apartment building that revitalizes the urban core of Long Beach.

Watts Works won an AIA OC Merit Award. This project promotes density without compromising quality of life, transforming a single-family lot into 24 modular, micro-units with generous outdoor spaces for formerly unhoused individuals.

Our Laserfiche HQ project won an AIA OC Honor Award, a brand-new building on an abandoned oil field that reverses history, from carbon-intensive to carbon-neutral, with an abundance of daylight, and energy efficiency. Congrats to our team!

“The jury felt there was a lot of depth in this design submission. Great use of sustainable, healthy, and simple materials. It is a very solid design response that is legible and clean. For the framework, it is a strong response to wellness and energy with its pursuit of LEED Platinum certification.”

– AIA OC Jury on Laserfiche

“The jury loved this submission. Tight budget and the team gave it design savvy. Love the use of modular units and places a playful stair on the street façade as a great way to add layers of engagement to the public areas. They obviously took the framework seriously with compelling responses. This project pushes all the boundaries in the right way.”

– AIA OC Jury on Watts Works

“The jury loved the idea put into the design. it isn’t always easy to retrofit into commercial building into residential use and this submission does it successfully. For the framework it’s a strong expression to adaptability and change and a great response on lower embodied carbon.”

– AIA OC Jury on 200 West Ocean