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SCAG Go Human

Studio One Eleven partnered with Go Human through the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) to bring tactical urbanism projects to six cities in and around Los Angeles and Orange County.

GoHuman, a project of the Southern California Association of Governments, is an educational campaign established to inform Southern California residents of the power of human focused mobility options with the intent of providing a shift in dependency from cars to walking and biking.

Studio One Eleven's tactical urbanism effort took place in six cities; Costa Mesa, Walnut Park, West Covina, Arrow Highway, Culver City, and La Cañada. Focusing on the importance of mobility, the team analyzed the pedestrian experience for each of the cities, creating temporary bike lanes, bulb-outs, and sidewalk extensions in order to create safer streets for the surrounding communities.

As part of the GoHuman project team, Studio One Eleven's role was to work directly with advisory committees and community leaders to establish goals in order to develop a site design for each corridor. The team implemented these designs into a unique onsite installation that was distinctly specific for each city.

These temporary installations gave each city the opportunity to test specific street improvements for a duration of time and collect feedback from the community to include in grant applications for funding future permanent installations. This effort corresponds with Studio One Eleven's mission of enhancing the livability and functionality of cities through sustainable design solutions that focus on the needs of the communities.

Costa Mesa

West Covina

Walnut Park

Culver City

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