Studio One Eleven

SteelCraft Garden Grove

Location: Garden Grove, CA
Client: Howard CDM
Type: Commercial, Landscape
Size: 9,893 SF
The most recent in a series of shipping container food halls that attract independent retailers, encourage social cohesion, and boost local economies

A 20,000-square-foot, al-fresco, neighborhood dining experience located at 12900 Euclid Street, this is the first SteelCraft in Orange County. Twenty-four repurposed cargo containers are positioned around communal eating areas on a 1.8-acre lot along with a children’s play area, co-working space, upper-level patio, retro video-game arcade, pop-up retail and an organic garden.

The containers house eleven curated vendors: craft food, coffee and beer brewers, dessert, retail and a winery (soon to come). The upstairs creative office space is 320 square feet with an adjacent second-story dining patio that can be leased out for private events.

Every detail is beautifully executed, including multiple cantilevered containers and a second-story balcony. The video-game arcade offers games from the golden era of gaming and includes Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, Centipede, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter 2, Claw Machine and Simpsons.

In the chef’s garden, passion fruit vines, citrus and herb ground cover are cultivated for restaurant use. The passion fruit is harvested by Honey & Butter restaurant as an ingredient for its macarons. Planned for the center of the garden is a raised area with a communal table set among herbs, spices, flowers and seasonal vegetables. The re-purposed containers are cost-effective; they can be assembled quickly; they are well-suited for local, independent vendors; and they efficiently transform underused parcels into thriving destinations.