Studio One Eleven

West Harbor

Location: San Pedro, CA
Client: The Ratkovich Company, Jericho Development
Type: Community/Commercial and Urban Revitalization/Building Community
Size: 42 Acres, 375,000 SF
Pursuing Certification: LEED
The San Pedro Public Market rebrands to West Harbor for an integrative approach, merging culture and commerce.

Previously known as the San Pedro Public Market, West Harbor embodies the redefined potential of the LA Waterfront where The Ratkovich Company and Jericho Development plan a multi-phase revitalization effort that will become a modern and vibrant harbor-side entertainment district.

In conjunction with landscape partner James Corner Field Operations, Studio One Eleven prioritized creative methods of blending West Harbor’s recreational aspects with the functionality of the Port of LA. The project’s initial phase focuses on purposive rebranding as a means of drawing leasing interest to the 33,500 square feet of secured restaurant space. Furthermore, the increased implementation of public enjoyment spaces improves the degree of connectivity between the site’s main hubs and grants better public access to the water. This introduces a seamless experience of West Harbor’s uniquely work and play-oriented setting.

As part of its rebranding enterprise, West Harbor strategically features a bold new color scheme that reflects nautical motifs as well as hallmarks of Southern California’s natural beauty including warm-toned sunsets and blue seas. These lively tones not only convey a sense of timelessness but also encourage playfulness as people navigate through the port’s recreative areas.

Public wayfinding is amplified through a series of International Signal Flag-based icons. These maritime symbols are adapted to indicate various points of interest within West Harbor such as its theater, landing, and market. The new visual elements of West Harbor work collectively to activate and revitalize previously latent space.

West Harbor helps to harmonize the seemingly divergent aspects of industrial and residential life that characterize the LA Waterfront. Here commercial and farmer’s markets coincide; Alta Sea (a pioneering marine-research center) and the Downtown San Pedro Arts District are within walking distance; and the Battleship USS IOWA sets the backdrop for the project’s 6,200-seat, open-air amphitheater. West Harbor is designed so that its various attractions not only coexist but serve to complement one another, enhancing the overall experience for SoCal natives and visitors alike.

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