Long Beach, CA
Uplift senior living with a unique project fusing housing, art, sustainability, and community spirit.
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Long Beach, CA

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Housing For All, Building Community + Place, Renewing the Public Realm

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Architecture, Affordable Housing


64,400 sq. ft.

The MLK+PCH development is a significant urban revitalization project in Long Beach, California. It takes a vacant lot and an old automotive garage and transforms them into a thriving mixed-use community that aims to benefit the neighborhood in various ways.

 The core of the development is focused on providing affordable senior housing on the upper floors. Meanwhile, the ground floor is a multi-purpose space, including a non-profit partner, commercial areas, a resident’s lobby, a lounge, and bike storage. This mix of uses is intended to foster community engagement.

Architecturally, the project takes inspiration from the art deco and modern styles of nearby educational institutions, Long Beach City College and Long Beach Polytechnic High School. This not only adds an aesthetic appeal but also creates a sense of continuity with the neighborhood.

Community amenities are an essential part of the project. The podium courtyard features a communal garden, outdoor seating, and a community room. This encourages interaction and community bonding among the residents.

The development also plays a role in the local arts corridor, with three murals that celebrate the area’s artistic and cultural heritage. The highlight mural at the corner of MLK+PCH pays homage to the former VIP records across the street, and the neighborhood’s established African-American community. 

Sustainability is a key focus, with the project pursuing LEED Gold certification. This demonstrates a commitment to environmentally friendly design and practices.

The ground floor hosts Do Good Daniel’s Family Corporation, a non-profit organization that occupies a 3500-square-foot commercial space, adding a community-oriented dimension to the project.

Inside the building, there are 67 units for seniors, with 34 of them allocated for formerly homeless seniors. The development covers a total of 64,400 square feet, offering 38 parking spaces and 16 bike parking spaces. The ground floor is dedicated to a range of services, including parking, resident services, a bike kitchen, a vestibule, and a mailroom lounge.

To encourage interaction among residents, large communal laundry rooms are available on all three residential floors. The design includes features aimed at promoting active living for seniors, such as exterior decorative stairs along MLK and a second exposed stair that provides direct access to the courtyard.

The building gracefully steps down towards the neighboring single-family neighborhood. The north side of the property is designated for a courtyard with large resident community gardens where seniors can grow their fruits and vegetables. An outdoor covered communal workspace is connected to the courtyard, offering a place for seniors to work on their plants. Additionally, an indoor communal lounge and kitchen space can be used for cooking lessons. The alleyway adjacent to the development is improved with landscaping, including trees and a bamboo hedge along the building property line. New trees are planted along all three street frontages, including six new trees along PCH.

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